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Our Process


We start by getting to know you, the client, and the what, why, and how that makes your brand stand out from competitors. 


Research is the best tool to define strategy and impacts the design of the brand.


We prepare you for success by designing everything from websites, logos, and corporate identity to customized installation pieces and marketing materials that support your brand. Continued support for marketing design, email marketing, and website management is also offered.

Core Values


The passion that led you to start a brand is the key to building it. Our passion is creating the perfect key.


Driven by research, we provide design with a purpose with the ultimate goal of long term stability.


We do not believe in a copy and paste process for creativity. Our work is tailored specifically for your needs.


Growth is a lifelong process and we are here every step of the way.

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A word from SupaDupaViK

Victor SmithI founded VCG in 2018 to provide competitive branding, marketing, and website design services to start-up companies at start-up budget rates. I believe that successful small businesses build successful communities and VCG will provide diverse and unbiased perspectives in our work. Our purpose is to be a catalyst for artistic and economic growth in the community.

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