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The James E. Hunter Golf Classic in an annual charity golf event dedicated to providing funding for the James E. Hunter Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to high school seniors with secondary education aspirations. The non-profit was organized in 2007 and has since struggled to grow awareness to the award and attract more sponsors. In 2014, I was contracted to design their souvenir golf journal. The goal was to design a more attractive journal that golfers would take home after the classic ended which made the ad slots more valuable and advertisers were more likely to purchase them. The 2014 journals received a lot of positive feedback and I was added to the Golf Classic committee as their creative director. In this role, I was given creative freedom to develop a brand identity for the organization.


  • 2015 – Designed logos and letterheads. Established and designed a website landing page. Designed souvenir journal.
  • 2016 – Developed full website. Created marketing materials Save The Date cards, Thank You cards, and feedback cards. Established branding guidelines.
  • 2017 – Designed alternative 10-year anniversary logo. Integrated social media. Designed souvenir journal.
  • 2018 – Simplified communication and registration networks. Redesigned email marketing. Developed a direct marketing strategy. Designed souvenir journal.
2018 JEH Grant Chart

Figure 1 | Grant funding trending positive since designing souvenir journals.

2018 JEH Profit Chart

Figure 2 | After investing in branding efforts, profits have begun to increase.












// Programs Used: Adobe Creative Suite,,

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